Faith and Life

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Nurturing Faith and Enriching Lives


A Community Grounded in Faith and Service


Faith-Based Programs and Activities

Chaplaincy and Spiritual Support

As we embark on this exciting journey as a new institution, Shanahan University is pleased to announce that we have put in place comprehensive Chaplaincy and Spiritual Support services designed to nurture the spiritual growth and well-being of our community. Here are the key initiatives and what we have accomplished so far:

1. Campus Chapel Established: We have dedicated a beautiful campus chapel as the center for worship and spiritual activities, open to students of all faiths. This serene space is ready to welcome everyone for communal worship, prayer, and reflection.

2. Regular Worship Services: We are conducting regular worship services tailored to various religious traditions, ensuring inclusivity and providing opportunities for all students to practice their faith.

3. Prayer and Meditation Spaces: We have created designated prayer and meditation spaces throughout the campus. These quiet and peaceful areas are available for personal reflection, meditation, and prayer.

4. Spiritual Counseling and Pastoral Care: Our chaplaincy team is on board and available to provide confidential counseling and pastoral care. They are prepared to support students with a wide range of personal and spiritual concerns, offering guidance and comfort.

5. Faith-Based Programs and Activities: We have already initiated various faith-based programs, including Bible studies, prayer groups, and spiritual retreats. These activities are designed to foster community, deepen faith, and encourage personal growth.

6. Community Service and Outreach: Service projects and outreach programs are actively being organized, allowing students to put their faith into action and make a positive impact both locally and globally.

7. Interfaith Initiatives: We are hosting interfaith dialogues, workshops, and events to promote understanding and respect among different faith traditions, encouraging a cohesive and inclusive campus environment.

8. Wellness Programs: Recognizing the connection between spiritual and physical well-being, we have integrated wellness programs that include fitness activities, mental health resources, and workshops focused on maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

It has come to our notice that some unscrupulous elements are impersonating Shanahan University, misleading unsuspecting individuals into purchasing forms with the promise of admission into our institution. We unequivocally denounce such dastardly act and dissociate Shanahan University, Onitsha from such dubious practices It is important to clarify that Shanahan University, Onitsha does
not solicit funds or personal information through unsolicited phone calls, emails, for the purposes of admissions. Our official communication channels remain through 

We urge all prospective students and the general public toexercise caution in dealing with anyone posing as Shanahan University agent as the University will not be liable to any damage incurred through such illicit and unauthorised transactions.

Rev.Fr Dr Emmanuel Emenu
Acting Registrar