Department of Economics

Deciphering Economic Complexities: Economics at Shanahan University The Department of Economics stands ...

Deciphering Economic Complexities: Economics at Shanahan University

The Department of Economics stands as a pillar of intellectual rigor and analytical depth, guiding students through the intricate landscapes of economic theory and practice. Our program is dedicated to developing thinkers who can apply their understanding of economic principles to address real-world challenges, fostering growth, and promoting sustainable economic policies globally.

Program Overview:

1. Foundational Knowledge and Theory:

  • Principles of Economics: Gain a solid foundation in both microeconomics and macroeconomics, exploring how markets work and how economies operate on a global scale.
  • Econometrics: Develop quantitative skills to analyze data and test hypotheses in economics, providing a robust basis for empirical research.

2. Specialized Areas of Study:

  • International Economics: Explore the dynamics of international trade and finance, understanding the global economic environment and its implications for policy.
  • Public Economics: Study the role of government in the economy, from tax policy to public spending, welfare programs, and regulation.
  • Behavioral Economics: Delve into the psychological aspects of economic decision-making to better understand market outcomes and consumer behavior.

3. Research Opportunities and Scholarly Pursuits:

  • Undergraduate Research Initiatives: Engage in research projects under the mentorship of faculty members, contributing to scholarly debates and policy discussions.
  • Economic Conferences and Journals: Participate in national and international economic conferences, presenting research and networking with eminent economists.

4. Professional Development and Practical Application:

  • Internships: Secure internships in financial institutions, government agencies, and international organizations, applying theoretical knowledge in practical settings.
  • Simulation and Case Studies: Utilize simulations and case studies to bridge the gap between economic theory and real-world application, enhancing problem-solving and analytical skills.

5. Global Perspective and Ethical Considerations:

  • Study Abroad Programs: Participate in study abroad programs that provide insights into different economic systems and practices around the world.
  • Ethics in Economics: Foster a deep understanding of the ethical implications of economic decisions and their impacts on society and the environment.

Career Opportunities: Graduates are prepared for successful careers in a range of fields, including:

  • Economic Analysis
  • Financial Consulting
  • Public Policy
  • Academia
  • International Development

Why Choose Shanahan University?

  • Distinguished Faculty: Learn from a faculty comprised of world-renowned economists who are at the forefront of their research fields.
  • Collaborative Learning Environment: Benefit from a collaborative academic environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and fosters critical thinking.
  • Robust Alumni Network: Join a vast network of alumni who hold influential positions in academia, industry, and government worldwide.

Join Us: Shanahan University’s Department of Economics is committed to cultivating economic scholars and leaders who are equipped to navigate and shape the future economic landscape. We invite you to apply and embark on a path to profound understanding and influential impact in the world of economics.

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